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IDLCPA membership serves two primary purposes: informing interior designers of our progress and strategies implemented towards the licensure of interior designers and fundraising for the continued lobbying for the licensure of interior designers. We are a not-for-profit organization. We consist of interior designers across the state of PA who are donating their time and efforts towards our goal while also having full time careers and families. Additionally, we are not versed in law nor have the capability to be lobbyists ourselves. Therefore, we obtain these services through the lobbyist firm Milliron Associates, who assist us on this end while we focus on what we can do: make and foster connections with interior design professionals and communicate with them our goals.   Membership Fees
  • Professional/Affiliate Membership (New) $50.00
  • Firm Membership (up to 12 memberships) $300.00
  • Industry Partner $75.00 (or included with sponsorship of an IDLCPA event)
  • Student/Student Parent/Family Membership $5.00
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