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Senator Yudichak has agreed to be our prime sponsor!

What a beautiful day to...
Senator Yudichak has agreed to be our prime sponsor, we are thrilled to have his time and support on our cause!  Senator Yudichak over the years has been a strong supporter of IDLCPA and has attended every Interior Design day at the capitol.  His commitment to the students has been evident over the years.  
Next week Senator Yudichak will be circulating a co-sponsor memo to the senate, it is imperative that everyone involved or interested in the passing of this bill contact their senators next week.  Please send an email at the beginning of the week explaining why this bill is important to you and request their support as well as asking them to be a co-sponsor, then follow up at the end of the week with a phone call. If you know anyone that is a constituent in his district please email me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our bill will be introduced the week of June 29th that means more co-sponsors we get next week the better.  Please take a little time out of your day to send our message along, your time and effort is what makes our bill successful!

How do you pronounce his name??  good question !!  "u d chak" see link for more information on our prime sponsor.

Contact your senator:
Let them know how important the interior design profession is to you and that you support interior design legislation!  Find your legislator here.

Our problem:
Interior Designers are currently restricted by the state of Pennsylvania from practicing Interior Design is a code based environment.  In the year 2009 UCC revised the IBC codes that adapted section 403.42a Permit Application.  This section states the following:

"(c) A licensed architect or licensed professional engineer shall prepare the construction documents under the Architects Licensure Law (63 P.S – 34.1-34.22) or the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law (63 P.S –148-158.2). An unlicensed person may prepare design documents for the remodeling or alteration of a building if there is no compensation and the remodeling or alteration does not relate to additions to the building changes to the building’s structure or means of egress."

IDLCPA is currently working on legislation seeking Interior Design registration for designers that practice code-driven interior planning and design. Our bill will address registration in a way that will not impact designers currently practicing in residential, kitchen and bath, and decorative markets.

We as professionals should have the ability to..

  • Allow interior designers to bid on state and federal interior design contracts
  • Allow interior designers to seal and sign documents for permitting
  • Ensure that interior designers will benefit from reciprocity
  • Provide consumers a venue for the redress of grievances
  • Reduce consumer costs by eliminating the expensive document processing
  • Establish a requirement that licensed interior designers continually educate themselves on the practices of interior design.

In your letter try to cover the following information:

  • Introduce yourself, make sure your voting address is included
  • Tell a little about your working history, maybe a project in the local area that they can relate to
  • Explain our restriction problem, use the information within our documents
  • Let them know we are in the process of identifying a prime sponsor and will let them know when we have one
  • Ask for a meeting to educate them in more detail on our cause
  • Ask for their support

Once you have made contact:
It is very important that you email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Andy Goodman our lobbyist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what went on during your meeting and how it went.  Andy’s firm will be personally following up with the senators we have made contact with.  It will also help us  keep track of who we need to contact.
-Please follow up with a written thank you for their time and support!

I have attached our informational document for your use as well as a membership form. Have you renewed your membership?  Know anyone that is interested to learn more about legislation please have them join!

Do you or your company want to be a sponsor?
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will be hosting future town hall events, a CEU fundraiser in September and in the fall we host a student show in Harrisburg for Interior Design Day in the Capitol.  It is a wonderful event that allows students to display their hard work and wonderful education.  We are working on targeting our final date now but already on the hunt for sponsors!  You can just be a general sponsor or you can sponsor a specific school!   If you are interested please let me know! The sponsor levels are: $2,500 Platinum, $1,000 Gold, $500 Silver, $100 Bronze, any amount personal sponsor.

Below are a few things you can do:

  • Join the discussion on Linkedin.
  • Follow the fun on Facebook.
  • Shop and raise money on Amazon: go to the bottom of the site and click the Amazon button!

Thank you for your time and commitment!  We are very excited to make advancements in this 2015-2016 legislative session!

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