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Legislative Talking Points

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  1. SMALL TALK - Introduce yourself
    • Discus where you and your family are from
    • Where you went to school
    • Where you started to work
    • Lead into what you do for a living

  2. YOUR PRACTICE CONCERN - Does the legislator know interior design practice is restricted?
    • Current PA laws (403.42a Permit Application) prohibit interior designers from practicing

      "licensed architect or licensed professional engineer shall prepare the construction documents under the Architects Licensure Law (63 P.S. § § 34.1—34.22), or the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law (63 P. S. § § 148—158.2). An unlicensed person may prepare design documents for the remodeling or alteration of a building if there is no compensation and the remodeling or alteration does not relate to additions to the building or changes to the building’s structure or means of egress."

    • If you want to practice in "public" spaces, you must either pay an architect or do the work for free
    • This is a clear restriction of trade
    • Explain to the legislator the services you perform that you can’t do legally without an architect even though you are trained and educated to perform those services.

  3. REQUEST SUPPORT - Tell the legislator you would like their support of an interior design practice expansion act that would allow you to perform restricted interior design services that you are qualified to perform (via education, examination, and experience).
    • A practice (expansion) act for interior designers would provide the opportunity for qualified designers to practice code-restricted services without violating the law.
    • The act would NOT RESTRICT ANY current practice of interior design.
    • The act would BENEFIT interior designers providing more jobs and giving consumers more choice when selecting a professional for interior construction projects.

  4. THANK YOU - Express your thanks for the legislator’s time
    • Ask the legislator if they would like any additional information you could provide. Refer them to and Andy Goodman from Milliron Associates (as our lobbyist).
    • Follow up with a written thank you.
    • Send Andy Goodman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Jennifer Winters: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an e-mail summary of your visit.

House Bill 1258

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