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E-news May-2005

ISSUED: Thursday, May 19, 2005

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To everyone who attended the informational meeting at the James Gallery Tuesday the third of May. We gained 9 additional members and are working hard 10 increase our numbers. If you are interested in becoming a member and supporter of IDLCPA please contact Suzanne Kile al This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Special thanks to Miriam Ferrel with Maharam for providing the refreshments, Valerie Mason with J&J for providing bottled waler, James Frederick for donating the gallery for our meeting, and Greg Nemcheck from OM Workspace for providing on going support though printed materials and use of his fOOlites.


To Angie Pelcash for winning the Eames Chair Raffle!!! The drawing took place on the Monday the 16lh . The name was drawn by Claudia Farmer, Pittsburgh's Herman Miller representative but also know as IDLCPA's Industry Representative for the western side of Pennsylvania, We would like to openly thank all participants for helping us raise 1,800 through the chair raffle.  Special thanks to Herman Miller for contributing the chair, without Claudia and Herman Miller this fundraiser would not have been possible.


With the recent rejection of our thorough Sunrise Evaluation Report many are wondering what is next. To cut to the chase, the reason the SER was dismissed is because we DO NOT HAVE A SUFFICIENT NUMBER OF DESIGNERS who have expressed their desire for regulation and are making apublic stand partnering with lDLCPA. Currently our STATEWIDE MEMBERSHIP TOTAL IS UNDER 50 DESIGNERS with most of the membership numbers coming from the Pittsburgh area. This representation tells legislators that the majority of designers are either not in support or are neutral to supporting interior design regulation. Be on the look out for an Interior Design Petition we will be sending around in order to refute the allegation.


On Friday and Saturday, May 2O111 &21 st, Carl Ballinger, Noelle Weaver, John Wagner, and Patricia Gorman will be speaking at Drexel University to students, parents and faculty, The team will also be speaking at some key firms and retailers later in the day. During  the afternoon the four will meet with legislator Mario Civera and lobbyist Peg Moyer and Mark Single from the Winter Group. In the evening they will strategically plan for a late June event to be held in Philadelphia to raise membership in the eastern part of Pennsylvania.


The AlA's release of the ANGLE newsletter features an article on interior design regulation. The artide expresses the AlA's opposition to any type of interior design legislation that would allow an interior designer to submit interior construction drawings for apermit. The report also blatantly misrepresents the Rhode Island bill claiming architects would have to pay a $1,000 fine for practicing interior design when the bill clearly excludes architects, retailers, and decorators from the practice clause. The AlA strategy in Pennsylvania is to create a joint board with the engineers defining exclusive practice scopes for each occupation.  In New Jersey (currently holding a Title Act), this type of A&E marriage has already occurred and produced a"Service Act' that prohibits contractors and interior designers from submitting drawings for permitting without an architect or engIneer's seal, and further prohibits the specification of materials. SO,., what are interior designers allowed to do??!!! Well, according to the AlA, if you want to practice interior design (interior architecture) become an architect. Delaware is currently fighting against the Service Act legislation and if we do not do something soon, Pennsylvania is next.

House Bill 1258

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