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E-news Dec-2008

ISSUED: Saturday, Dec 27, 2008

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GRANDFATHERING Straight up and uncomplicated
Summary taken from revised HB807 language

Many people are confused about the Grandfathering language that will be included in the new bill (when introduce the first quarter of next year). There are many rumors and it is our hope to set the record straight. Here is what you can expect to see in the new bill (although reading a bill will be more difficult then how we lay it out here).

Qualifications to practice under the Interior Designer’s Practice Act will require:

  1. An application
  2. Application fee (as determined by the Regulatory Board, approx. $2-300.00 every two years--based on our numbers)
  3. Hold a baccalaureate degree or higher from a Board approved education program, CIDA preferred (but not required)
  4. Attained two years of full-time diversified interior design experience or completed the IDEP program.
  5. Pass the NCIDQ or Board approved examination. (Please note that this language will not permit the approval of examinations that do not test the full body of knowledge of interior design with a specific emphasis on code regulations)

Grandfathering is stated as the following:

  1. If you have at least 10 years of experience practicing interior design you do not need to come from a baccalaureate degree program.
  2. If you have at least 10 years of experience practicing interior design then you do not need to take the full NCIDQ examination. The Regulatory Board will accept the passage of the multiple-choice sections of the NCDIQ, Section 1 (Principals and Practices of Interior Design) and Section 2 (Contract Documents and Administration). Past examination records showing the passage of these sections would be acceptable. This route also requires 10 hours of continuing education units (which is already required by both ASID and IIDA professional members).
  3. If you are 55 years of age or older and have been practicing for over 15 years you do not need to take the NCIDQ. This route additionally requires 10 hours of continuing education units.
All Grandfathering language will expire four (4) years after the bill has been signed into law. Please note that once an applicant has been “grandfathered” that person will not loose their registration upon renewal after grandfathering expires.

Exemptions to the bill language seem to be the most confused topic. It is also completely butchered by anti-legislation groups who adamantly state that interior design regulation will make “interior designers lose their jobs!” Considering that the claim itself is against the law, please take a look at what we are proposing. It has never been and will never be our intent to take jobs from designers or closely related professions who provide similar services. Our cause is to protect our practice while creating new jobs through regulation. Here is our language; we will let you be the judge.

  1. The practice of a profession by an individual, who is licensed, certified or registered by a Commonwealth agency under other laws and who is performing services within the authorized scope of practice.
  2. The practice of interior design by an individual employed by the Federal Government while the person is engaged in the performance of such duties under Federal law.
  3. The practice of interior design by an individual licensed, registered or certified in another jurisdiction when incidentally called into this Commonwealth to teach a course related to interior design or to consult with a licensee.
  4. A student or a graduate of an approved program under this act who is conducting interior design services under the supervision of a person licensedunder this act.
  5. A person or persons who provide interior decorator services. This includes assistance in selection of surface materials, window treatments, wall coverings, paint, floor coverings, surface-mounted fixtures, and loose furnishings not subject to regulation under applicable jurisdictional codes or restrictions.
  6. An individual providing service as part of an emergency response team working in conjunction with disaster relief officials.
  7. An individual or business working in the kitchen and bath industry.
  8. An owner or employee of a retail establishment providing interior decorator services on the premises of a retail establishment or home in the furtherance of a retail sale.
  9. A person engaged in interior decorator services on a property owned or leased by that person.
  10. A person engaging in interior decorator services without compensation on property of another person.
  11. A person preparing a shop drawing or the performance of construction management services by a person customarily engaged in construction work.
  12. A person employed by a commercial dealer who provides layout, specificationand sales as it relates to furniture sales.


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Please learn the facts and talk tothose around you, including your legislator about what professional interior designersdo and our importance to the public. Please take time to visit find your representatives in both the House and the Senate. If any of yourlegislators sit on the Professional Licensure Committee, PLEASE contact MaryAnn Mozelewski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

House Bill 1258

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