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Our Supporters

ImageIDLCPA would like to thank all of the people and organizations who have contributed to the coalition over the past couple of years. Without financial support of this organization, legislation for interior design would not be possible.

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Supporting Interior Designers

  Ada Tremonte - "Interior designers will solve the problems of the future for humankind and for our earth. It starts now with recognition of our profound knowledge and research toward both."

  Mary Ann Mozelewski - "It is imperative that Interior Designers are knowledgeable, and competent in code and material selections, which affect consumer safety."

  Katie Nowak - "I have seen first hand the damage that can be done when non-qualified salesmen and decorators layout commercial spaces."

  Trish Gorman - "In order to perform this job safely and professionally, it is essential that I, and those whom I employ, acquire and develop knowledge of codes, standards and ethics."

  Carol Reitter Elia - "I am a practicing Interior Designer in Pennsylvania and am writing to voice my support for the licensing of Interior Designers in Pennsylvania."

  Lauren Berger - "It is imperative that we protect the consumers that live and work in the spaces we design."

  Richard King"We do not seek to exclude others but wish to include a future for the profession that is regulated by appropriate education and testing standards that continues to mold a responsible professional."

  Jennifer Winters - "I strongly believe it is imperative that Interior Designers are educated and knowledgeable in local building and fire safety codes, along with the material selections, which greatly affect consumer safety.  We are consistently required to create an interior environment that incorporates all ambulatory and disabled needs."

  Cyndi Haaz - "As an ASID professional designer specializing in kitchens and baths, and residential design, I want to emphasize the importance of regulation in this field.  I can not stress enough how much an interior designer affects the health, life safety and welfare of the client in their home, and most especially in the kitchen and bath."

  Carl Ballinger - "I am a practicing Interior Designer in Pennsylvania and several other states, and am writing to voice my support for the licensing of Interior Designer in our state and the passage of the Interior Design Practice Act Bill."

Supporting Architects (RA's)

  Mark Cahill - "I rely on the specialized knowledge and advice these professionals provide on a project just as I do with structural and mechanical engineers. Interior Designers work alongside other registered professionals and they should be licensed and regulated accordingly."

  Jim Eckles - "I feel it is important to support interior design licensure. The public should be able to differentiate between “decorator’s” and professional interior designers who are qualified by education, experience and examination."

  David Ross - "In our practice we run into issues on a daily basis that affect the health and welfare, and life safety of the inhabitants of the interior spaces we design. It is imperative that our interior designers are as knowledgeable, and as competent in these areas as the architects we employ."

  LeRoy Frederick - "I speak from experience that the professionalism, the sensitivity to client needs and the concern for consumer safety exhibited by my interior design partners cannot be exceeded. These individuals have acquired the education and experience to set themselves apart from all who can currently call themselves interior designers without the same accomplishments."

  John Holland - "Interior designers are professionals and must know an array of knowledge to practice such as exiting requirements, materials’ fire ratings, ADA issues, etc. Much of this knowledge overlaps the knowledge of Architects."

  John Kudravy"State criteria and licensing can legitimize this profession and most likely define the scope range for interior design services without encroaching on Architectural and Engineering professional services."

Student Support Letters

  Leann Boyd - "I am a student at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania and I am writing to voice my support for the licensing of Interior Designers in Pennsylvania."

Educator Support Letters

  Lauren Musulin - "We spend almost 90% of our lives indoors. Everybody should have a sense of security in knowing that there is a standard of competence one must have in order to design those interior spaces."

  Thomas J. Gamble, Ph.D. - "With the competitive job market, it is increasingly important that we level the playing field in Pennsylvania for the 17-colleges and universities that graduate students with degrees in Interior Design each year."

Supporting Articles

  Mitchell Sawasy - "Well-designed spaces do not happen by accident; it takes education, training, and experience to ensure a level of competence."

House Bill 1258

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