What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Interior design goes beyond picking interior finish and paint colors. Interior designers are trained, learned professionals who are able to evaluate and design interior spaces which consider the safety and well-being of the individuals that inhabit them. Interior designers in the commercial field design a plethora of interior spaces, including hospitals, corporate offices, multifamily-housing, and hotels. 


Currently in the state of Pennsylvania, interior designers are not licensed. As such, they are not allowed to sign or stamp their own drawings for constructions, and must defer this to another licensed professional. IDLCPA is advocating for the lifting of the interior design field and interior designers to be equal with their peers, such as engineers and architects, instead of having to work beneath them.


The design field consists of multiple trades and professionals working together with their own specializations to create safe, working, and healthy buildings and interiors. Interior designers are not asking for freedom from this system, but for independence, and the ability to work alongside these professionals as equals in their own trade of the wellbeing and design of interior spaces.